Columbus won $45,000.00 cash in the Fantasy Riches Sweepstakes!

Congratulations Columbus!  As an online entrant, Columbus is the grand prize winner in the $45,000.00 Fantasy Riches Sweepstakes.  Read what he had to say about his good fortune.
What was your first reaction when you realized you were the winner?

 “I could not believe it.  At times I still don’t believe it.”

Who was the first person you told and what was his or her reaction?
“I told my son.  He was the only one home at the time.  He could not believe it either.”

What do you think of your prize?
“I have never won anything before.  I think the prize is fantastic!”

What have your purchased or what do you plan to purchase with your prize money?
“I have not had time to think about it.  This is such a surprise.”

Do you have any advice for other consumers thinking of participating in this year’s sweepstakes?
“Always enter.  Your name may be drawn next.”