Brenda won $45,000.00 cash in the Fantasy Riches Sweepstakes!

Congratulations Brenda! Columbus is the grand prize winner in the $45,000.00 Fantasy Riches Sweepstakes.  Read what she had to say about her good fortune.

What was your first reaction when  you realized you were the winner?

I didn’t believe it at first.  I never thought it would happen.  Then I let the emotions settle, and carefully read all the instructions and call the Ventura Associates Intl. and asked questions.


Who was the first person you told and what was his or her reaction?

The first person I told was my close friend who believed it was a scam.


What do you think of your prize?

I am very content with the prize choice I won.


What have you purchased or what do you plan to purchase with your prize money?

I plan to invest in a business and share some of the winning with my children.


Do you have any special comments for the sponsor regarding your having won this sweepstakes prize?

I would like to thank the sponsors so much.  My heart can’t express enough love to the sponsors for selecting me as a winner from Staten Island, NY.


Do you have advice for other consumers thinking of participating in this year’s sweepstakes?

Yes, I do.  For the future consumers who think that you will never win, I am living proof.  It’s for real so if you receive a sweepstakes in the mail fill it out and mail it back FAST!